The Importance Of Immigrants In The United States

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The right to allow immigrants that are legal citizens of the United States shall be allowed to become President of the United States. This Amendment needs to be part of the Supreme Law of The Land, since the United States allow all people to have the same rights as others. The United States should do the same for immigrants when it comes to being a candidate for president. This would allow immigrants to run for president and will be a massive accomplishment in the United States. This new amendment will affect people living in the United States and immigrants living in the United States. This would cause differences between voting when it comes to a presidential election and how the United States were to be run. Any foreign president would allow other hard-working citizens to have equal opportunity as others. Other Americans that usually do not…show more content…
Currently in the United States, there is a travel ban that does not allow certain countries to enter. If we have an immigrant president, then they would not be so close-minded and be strict about certain situations. I think the United States should be equal to all. Yes, an immigrant has some rights but not all. I feel if they took the time to study and learn about America and became a United States citizen, they should still be able to have opportunities as an American would have. This is a quote from the American Civil Liberties Union, “In fact, with the exception of Native Americans, everyone living in this country is either an immigrant or the descendant of voluntary or involuntary immigrants.” Many immigrants have lived here for decades, raising their “US-citizen” families, but there are still laws that punish them and violate their fundamental right to fair and equal treatment. In the end of the day we are all foreigners and we all need to have the same rights and opportunities as the rest of the human
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