The Importance Of Immigrants To Work

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Working and making my own money, is essential to my persona. I come from two Hispanic parents who migrated to the United States to work. Through our journey here, we have faced many obstacles, and I had no other option but to rise and take action.

In my family, my father and I, are the only ones who can currently work. Five years ago, my mom broke her leg, which left greatly impacted her. My mother does not have her license because she’s sixty-two years old and is afraid to drive. Back in Mexico, our hometown, cars were rare, people would commute by walking or through horses. Needless to say, my mother struggles to find a job because of her lack of English and transportation.

My senior year of school, I had to take action my self, and
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For months, I saw him in pain, regardless if he would take his medication, and he would still go to work. After a while, he was scheduled for back surgery, where they would clean around the herniated disc to relieve pressure. That surgery has left my father in debt, with medical bills coming from every angle. Two months later, my father still has sciatica nerve pain, which affects with his ability to walk properly. His doctor has recommended that my father goes to physical therapy, but I know that he views this as another burden that he might not be able to afford. While I’m in college, and I work, a percentage of my check will be sent to my parents, to help them financially. As of currently, I’ve also been helping my father with his medical bills, because I know that he is struggling financially. Like I have stated in the prior letter, having a job will not impact me academically and I will still participate around campus. In fact, I am truly excited to begin my “college experience,” and take full advantage of my two year at FSU! The way my schedule is set up, allows me time during the weekdays to study, and during the weekends to
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