Should Immigrants Get Deported In America

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Have you ever wondered why immigrants are getting deported each year and being separated from their children? Immigration is the action of coming permanently in a foreign country. It is significant to have immigrants here in the United States because they help the country grow financially by starting their own business. In the United States there are many hispanic restaurants such as Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, Salvadoran, etc. Having immigrants is like a tool for us because if we ever have a flat tire and you take it to the mechanics it's usually a hispanic man helping and if they are nice enough they won’t charge you anything. The hispanic workers will only want a good review from their clients. When Obama was President he didn’t mind in having immigrants as long as they were showing a way of being a future good citizenship such as not having a bad record, avoiding traffic tickets, not being a criminal and etc., Obama had said last week “The lesson of these 236 years is clear – immigration makes America stronger.…show more content…
And immigration positions America to lead in the 21st century. And these young men and women are testaments to that. No other nation in the world welcomes so many new arrivals. No other nation constantly renews itself, refreshes itself with the hopes, and the drive, and the optimism, and the dynamism of each new generation of immigrants. You are all one of the reasons that America is exceptional. You’re one of the reasons why, even after two centuries, America is always young, always looking to the future, always confident that our greatest days are still to come”. (Title or page number of the book) In addition, many immigrants do not only come to the United States just to live; they come to have a better future to become a better person and to give a better life to their

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