The Importance Of Immigration In The UK

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Immigration Migration is a very controversial topic in the UK. Migration is when somebody moves to a new area or country for work or better living conditions. Many people born in the UK don’t agree with immigrants coming over from other countries to live here as they think they come and steal all our money and jobs, and live in our houses leaving lots of our population homeless. I disagree with this and I think immigrants should be allowed to come to the UK and they should be supported in any decision they make when it comes to moving. It is obviously a difficult choice for them to make and moving to a completely different country with a culture they are not used to will be weird and scary. The last thing they want is for people to turn against them. One of the main reason why UK citizens think immigrants shouldn’t come over to our country is because they believe immigrants ‘steal’ all of our jobs. In 2016, 45% of non-British citizens’ reason to come and live in the UK was for work. This may seem like a lot of people when you look at that percentage but only 8% of the UK population are born in a different country, meaning very little jobs are actually going to immigrants. Most immigrants come and get lower-skilled occupations which have very little pay such as cleaning, food preparation and clothing manufacturing. They do all of the hard labour jobs that need to be done for our country to run smoothly which no UK citizen would ever think about doing. If we are too lazy to do

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