Disadvantages Of Immigration Essay

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Immigration is changing position into a place which is not habitation site. It is one of the most common situation from ancient times to now. In history, people immigrated in order to find food and a place for living. In today’s world, people’s expectations have changed compared to past as people have different fundamental necessities now. They need a job in order to make money and they need healthy life in order to maintain their lives. In many countries or cities, these conditions are not convenient because of being undeveloped. As a result, people start to look other ways to find available conditions. The most significant way is immigration. Immigration which is a widespread issue for countries or cities, occurs due to the reason that are…show more content…
The first reason for emigration is about employment. It changes from country to country, but the general issues which are cause immigration are lack of career opportunities and low wages. In undeveloped countries, people cannot find a job and get the salaries they deserve even if they are well educated about their career. The second cause of immigration is related to health. Nowadays, the number of sick people and technologic developments in medicine are rising. As a result, people decide to travel to another countries for treatment and to have healthy life. Immigration has also impacts as critical as its reasons on sending and host country. Host countries face the problem of overpopulation as their migrant population increases. On the other hand, countries can use the advantages of immigrants in labor markets in order to decrease public expense. Moreover, migration has beneficial impact on sending countries related to remittances. Remittances increases the consumption in the society and this situation rises the revenue of countries. It is clear that countries’ economy and welfare grows as unemployment decreases and the number of employees rises. Although immigration is a good idea for individuals, it may cause big problems for countries in the

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