The Importance Of Immigration Restriction In The US

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The U.S. is currently combatting terrorists who seek to spread their radical beliefs in what is called the “War on Terror”. To help America combat these terrorists, recently elected president Donald Trump has issued a set of immigration restrictions, and while there have been many protest against these restrictions, the thing I find most shocking is the fact that the Japanese American community has not publicly stated their opposition against these restrictions. We, as a community, must realize that there are parallels found from these immigration restrictions to the internment camps the U.S. government forced our grandparents and great- grandparents into. In order to stop America from making the same mistake again, our Japanese American community has to step out of the shadows and show Americans who support these restrictions that this is wrong. The U.S. is supposed to represent the freedom and safe haven from fear of persecution, as this is what the first…show more content…
The U.S. is supposed to be the epitome of democracy, as this is what our Founding Fathers rebelled against Britain for. To go against these ideals, no matter the situation, is tantamount to turning our backs to our country. To turn our backs and close the doors to freedom for immigrants who have done nothing wrong to us and are begging for safety goes against every notion of what we define as humanity. To persecute a certain group of individuals just because of their ethnicity is illogical and goes against every moral value we have been raised to believe. As Japanese Americans, whose ancestors have faced adversity through the immoral use of internment camps, which led them to being stripped of everything they owned, and succeeding despite this setback, we, as a community, must act against these immigration restrictions. These immigration restrictions are stripping people away from their families, cutting deep, unhealable cuts into the hearts of many. These restrictions have proven to us

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