The Importance Of Immigration To The United States

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After World War One the United States turned away from international affairs some of the reasons are Americans immigrated to America and wished to cut the ties with their old world ,the a nation of immigrants, suddenly turn against immigration .President WIlson lost his election , the new president Warren Harding rejected the Treaty of Versailles , league of nations . The United States rejected the League of Nations because it might of suck the United States into all kinds of wars, give Britain more political edge.Also the war of Tariffs and the war debt that was unpaid . Americans suddenly turned against immigration organized labor believed cheap labor forced wages to go down and also railroads , some basic industries…show more content…
Also took away from the essential market from European and Latin American countries . Many people in these countries lost their jobs , as factories were not able to sell products to the United States , farmers raised their tariffs , and excluding American manufactured , farm products from the foreign market . Wilson Believed in low tariffs , had reduced to increase them and the demand was growing for higher tariffs . The nation Europe had have accumulated huge debts during World War One and borrowed massive amount of money from the United States to buy war goods .Around 1918 the total amount owed to the U.S. was 10 billion dollars . The United States lowered interest rate on loans .Europeans faced difficulties in repaying and the high tariffs in the U.S. prevented Europeans from earning the dollars they needed to pay off the loans
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