The Importance Of Impact Craters

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One example of history that is retained on the surface of the Moon but has been lost from the surfaces of the terrestrial planets is the simple impact craters. They are very common and very easily spotted on the moon. The simple impact is created from meteorite or comet crashing into the surface of the moon. At the moment of collision, the surface of the moon ejects debris out into space and leave a crater behind. A simple impact crater has a circular shape surrounded by a rim that is elevated from the center of the crater. The rim of the impact crater is sitting above the horizon of the moon. Another interesting fact about the rim of an impact crater is that the rocks at the rim are the most ancient rocks of the planet itself, they are from the deepest layer of the surface of the moon.…show more content…
This finding of the impact crater is very important because that implies the rocks at the rim of crater provide give scientists more information about the origin of the moon, the moon in the ancient time.

Comparing the number of impact craters on the Earth to the Moon and other terrestrial worlds, we could say that it is very rare. There are many reasons that could explain why other planets will be more impact craters than the Earth, for example, Earth’s atmosphere, geological activity, and human activities could be responsible to the phenomenon of lost impact craters on the Earth. First, the Earth’s atmosphere, a lot of smaller meteorite or comet cannot get through Earth’s atmosphere. They burn up after entering the Earth’s atmosphere, thus a lot of them did not make

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