The Importance Of Imperialism

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The truth is that imperialism was never idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests.”

Imperialism itself, although is sometimes meant to educate, is ultimately formed by an empire’s selfish desire to rule land. This is evident in the New Manifest destiny, carried out by the U.S, the British empire’s rule on several countries, as well as the Britain’s colonization of Africa many years ago that still takes a toll on them today. Although, in some cases imperialism is meant to educate instead of take-over. But, most countries who showed forms of imperialism had economic and strategic interests.

Although it can be argued, the British empire could have colonized countries such as India to help them strive as a country.
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The British empire, the strongest empire that ever existed, has taken a huge toll on the people of Africa. Osaki Peebe Harry, in his article on The Guardian illustrates how “[b]ritish colonialism stills plays a major role in the tragedies and disasters we see in Africa today.” One aspect that people do not consider a threat is a media. Osaki Peebe Harry states that on the media, it is hard to find “news and analysis that informs you about the billions of dollars stolen out of Africa and kept in British banks.” (Peebe Harry, 2017) This money stolen from Africa was from the earlier British rule and has not been discussed about. Because this topic has been hidden from the world, African’s suffer daily. Without this money stolen from Africa, there is a major lack of development, and many Africans struggle to survive in a country with an insufficient amount of resources. A reason why this money hasn’t been returned to Africa is due to the British economy strongly depending on it. The imperialism shown when the British empire was present has done exactly the main goal it was originally meant to do. The colonization of Africa allowed Britain to grow in power, and grow its economy making it a stronger nation. Now, after the British rule was disbanded, the money earned from before stayed with Britain forever, which was an effective strategy for keeping Britain wealthy and in power. Because the British empire…show more content…
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