The Importance Of Imperialism In Heart Of Darkness

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Heart of darkness was a novel authored by Joseph Conrad in 1899. It was established on Imperialism that was the invading of a poorer state by a state of power. The novel is concerning the excursion of White imperialism that took place in the Belgian Congo, it displays the intense paining of the Africans who were ill-treated by their colonisers. The novel conveys Conrad’s impression of the Whites who utilized power above natives, about what he saw, did, and felt in the Congo. The label mentions to the bad things that transpired in Africa and how people modified and the evil deeds that they seized portion in, denoting to the Europeans who were corrupt and money pursuing to the extent that they should do whatever just to make money. From the book one can distinguish that the Congo…show more content…
Maslow’s obsession was travelling to Congo and getting ivory which would make a lot of profit for the Europeans. Conrad explains that he saw a lot of blacks naked and chained to one another. It was explained to him by the rulers that they were the blacks that had violated the laws and were being punished the blacks also suffered from starvation, disease and confusion. “They were all dying slowly, it was very clear. They were not enemies, they were not criminals, and they were nothing earthly now-nothing but black shadows of diseases and starvation lying confusedly in greenish gloom...” (Heart of Darkness.p.25)
Power in the novel was represented by the white skin colour belonging to the Europeans. This is also an indication to the thesis of the relationship between race and power. We see that because of the skin colour of the Europeans they had power over the black Africans; if u were white you had authority and ownership over the blacks “he saw men cut off from and nostalgic for Europe, and drunk on power, their presumed racial superiority, and alcohol.” (Najder, Joseph Conrad: A Chronicle,
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