The Importance Of Impression Management

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In our routine life, we form impressions for others and form different conclusions about them based upon the previous incidents or the image which that person has created in our mind. Sometimes, we are even provided with small pieces of information of an individual and we form a global impression for that individual based on little information and we often change the behaviour i.e., either good or bad for that individual based on our impression. So, in order to manage the impression formation by managers towards their subordinates due to lack of information, employees are using impression management techniques. Impression management is the technique by which people try to influence the image which others have of them. These impression management techniques are mostly used in an organisation by the employees to get good supervisor ratings, to increase their likability among their peers, subordinates and managers and to get earlier promotions. These strategies also lead to positive and negative impression formation among their peers, subordinates and their managers which can affect their performance appraisal. This study deals with the various strategies which are followed by the employees within an organisation to achieve professional growth and how these strategies are influencing career growth in an organisation. Keywords: Impression management, career growth, impression management strategies, Performance appraisal Introduction Impression management is a process by which
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