The Importance Of Improving Advertising In Saudi Arabia

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This research paper discusses the importance of improving advertising in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s advertising industry is struggling with lack of improvement, specialization, and qualified workers. Advertisement is one of the most significant majors we need youngsters to join, for it has a lot of benefits. Saudi Arabia does not spend a lot on the advertisement industry, because it is mostly limited to the local media. Companies see no need for advertising agencies because most of the media is local. I chose this topic because I would like to see Saudi Arabia rise as a country and in order to see that we have to improve the advertising industry. Multinational businesses in Saudi Arabia started to become aware of the importance of advertisement, they started to work with different companies outside the country to enhance their creativity. How will improving advertisement in Saudi Arabia help benefit the country? How will advertising enrich one 's knowledge? Will advertising help Saudi Arabians become more open minded? How can our society improve advertisement so that it helps discover youngster’s talents? These were the essential questions that were used in this research paper. The targeted audience would be the government, our society, and youngster aged between 13 and 17. The Importance of Improving Advertising in Saudi Arabia As far as advertising allocation is concerned, Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest GNP (Gross National Product) percentage in the world

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