Summary: The Importance Of Advertising In Saudi Arabia

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This research paper discusses the importance of improving advertising in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s advertising industry is struggling with lack of improvement, specialization, and qualified workers. Advertisement is one of the most significant majors we need youngsters to join, for it has a lot of benefits. Saudi Arabia does not spend a lot on the advertisement industry, because it is mostly limited to the local media. Companies see no need for advertising agencies because most of the media is local. I chose this topic because I would like to see Saudi Arabia rise as a country and in order to see that we have to improve the advertising industry. Multinational businesses in Saudi Arabia started to become aware of the importance of advertisement,…show more content…
"Saudi Arabia has been and still is of growing importance. Being the biggest country in the Arabian Peninsula its role in world trade is more significant"(Advertising In Saudi Arabia, 2014). Saudi Arabia has been the main and leading oil producer and exporter in the world.Unfortunately, although a great deal has been written in recent times about Saudi oil wealth, little information is available on advertising in the Saudi market. "..... advertising grew naturally out of the social, economic and commercial development which took place at an earlier stage in our history" (Nevett, T.R.1982). It 's on our newspapers, television programs, billboards, and busses etc. Advertising is all-around us, it’s a part of our everyday life. Advertising has been defined by the American Marketing Association 's Committee as "any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor." (2012). Based on a survey conduct in Dhahran Ahliyya Schools, 53 % of the students believe that ads make them aware of a product/ service they didn 't know about. 33% of students said they help them compare prices and save money. The survey shows how some are benefiting from the advertising around them. As of now Saudi Arabia does not spend enough on the advertising industry, improving it leads to a better economy, helps in creating an open minded society, and helps to discover youngsters '

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