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Behind my improvisation lays a theme of loneliness
Improvisation is not the best thing a dancer would ask for. However, it allows me to express the real me, be creative, and express what I want to express, and no what somebody else has to express. The title of the music that ii danced to was Tears of An Angel by Ryan Dan. The minute I heard the song, it brought out an emotion of loneliness and that is what I based my theme of my improvisation on. The important things to consider in improvisation in dance are the interpretation of the music and theme, special awareness and presentation. All of these contribute to the beauty of the improvisation and allowed me to dance as if no one was watching.
The texture of the music that I did my improvisation on was a thin homophonic type of texture. Homophony has one clearly melodic line; it 's the line that naturally draws your attention. All other parts provide accompaniment or fill in the chords. The colours that I associated my dance and theme to were pink and purple. Pink is the most gender specific. Pink represents femininity and has a gentle nature. Purple represents coolness, mist and shadows. It symbolizes royalty and dignity and can be mournful, yet soft and
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I used a very limited amount of space in the room to represent my theme of loneliness. Along with this, I used small movements and back contractions and releases. I eventually used a lot of the room space when running, jumping and turning and this represented me trying to escape from my circle of loneliness. The time when I used movements of isolation was when the music was calm and monotone. The time when I used big movements and tried to escape from my isolation of loneliness, was when the music had a homophonic effect. I used different levels in my improvisation. I rolled on the floor and done lunges, I also did mid-level movements like walking and turning and I also did high level movements like

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