The Importance Of In Situ Conservation

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Conservation has been around since the beginning of time and has evolved with mankind as well conservation is the protection of the environment and protection the earths valuable resources such as water air food and other resources needed for human life, ( Hunter et al 2009) conservation biology is an applied science focused on biodiversity and tries to keep all living things in extinctiance (lindemayer et al 2005) In situ conservation is a way of protecting habitats and the wildlife that is living in them and helping them to thrive and prosper habitats can state owned or owned privately by people that have a keen interest in protecting species that are in danger of extinction. Under the ICUN foundation law protected areas are broken up into 7 categories these are Strict nature reserve, wilderness area, national park, national monument or feature, habitat/species management area, protected landscape/ seascape, and finally protected area with sustainable use of natural resources (brophy 2014) . The most famous nature reserves found across the world are zoos and botanic gardens which are both found in Ireland and both reside in Dublin but are ex situ conservation habitats which will be discussed later. Like these two habitat reserves all reserves have a role for them to function properly, some roles of habitat reserves are things like keeping the population of habitats viable so that all the living organisms living in it can exist. They should keep natural processes happing

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