The Importance Of Inclusive Education

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Education is an essential human right which further helps in the establishment of a better, and fair society. In Mauritius, the Education Act of 1957 (amended in 1991, states in general terms, the right of education for all citizens. Mauritius is one of the rare African countries which has been able to achieve universal primary education as set out in the World Declaration on Education (UNESCO 1990). This small island in the Indian Ocean, which has always given education a very prominent place, is determined to make Mauritius a “republic fit for children…where every child will be given the opportunity to grow to his or her potential and become a responsible adult citizen” (National Policy for Children, 2003-2015).
Today we are talking about a World Class Quality Education for ALL children where they get equal opportunities to develop to their full potential. A change is the way teaching and learning is transacted is being cautioned. An inclusive education and environment is being promoted, accepted and implemented in many educational systems. Inclusive Education or Inclusive learning is a part of a more extensive objective of making a comprehensive society. It is an approach to education which values diversity as an essential part of the teaching and learning process, and one which promotes human development (UNESCO, 2001). However, it is important to note that inclusive education is not only about inclusion and accommodation of disabled children and
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