The Importance Of Income Inequality In The United States

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We are all honor students here. I am honor student, and you are an honor student. Now, I am going to take away some of your points and give it to another student. You both have C’s now. This is grade equality. This is what is going to be considered fair. This is what is going to ruin America. After spending hours researching the effects of increasing the tax on the rich, I have proven that it will worsen income inequality and not help. If we do increase taxes on the rich, how will we define them? Some of you will be considered rich because of your college funds in the bank. And you will lose half of it. In addition if we tax the rich, the nation’s economy will crash. But you do not have to lose half your college fund, or ruin America. If we educate people and put more funds into schools, we can beat income inequality and save ourselves. If we are to increase taxes on anybody, our economy will shatter. According to CNN money, Experts “examined what would happen to the gap between the wealthy and the poor if the U.S. raised the income tax rate on the highest …show more content…

More companies could increase their salaries. You could be hired for a job, and earn twenty dollars an hour at minimum wage. The great recession will end. The economy will rebound and be better than ever. But, what if we did tax the rich. The economy will shatter. The market will crash. The early two thousands will be known as the second great depression. Massive layoffs and huge salary cuts. The best job you could get would to be a janitor. America will be seen as the newest third-world country. China could take over us. Are you ready to learn chinese? I am not. And this is no dream. According to governments researchers, if taxes are increased on the wealthy, income inequality is worsen, and not improved at all. The gap grows. Do you want to worsen income inequality? Do you want to be a part of china? Do you want to lose half your college

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