Women In Medicine: A Short Story

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Our life experiences and the influencers in our lives have shaped our single story. After listening to the stories of these strong females in medicine we have recognized the diversity of the healthcare experience. We all expected for women in medicine to feel compelled to rely on each other for support. We tailored many of our questions around gender bias because of our single story that all women in medicine have experienced inequality. Our inspiration for interviewing these women was to broaden our single story and find the common bond between women in medicine. There are many lessons to be learned from seasoned healthcare works like Barbara Levy, an occupation therapist at a convalescent home in Connecticut. It is admirable that the mission…show more content…
She finds it striking that younger, less experienced therapists don't want to change a diaper or experience the not so pretty side of occupational therapy. This must be due to their lack of experience, with time they will develop the skills needed to be successful. Considering the facts, if you want to work in occupational therapy she thinks you have to be very flexible and creative and think outside the box. Each patient is different, and creativity allows for a way to make something work for each person. As a provider, she finds a way to engage her patients, allow them to trust her, and figure out how to progress them. Her job is a constant challenge and very rewarding when she is successful. Part of her job is working cohesively with her team even through the disagreements. She talks to other physical and speech therapists about the patient and pursue relationships, they work as a collaborative team. This is the approach of the convalescent home but also her approach because she sees that the patient is multi dimensional and her collaboration with her co workers allow her to look at the total patient not just one aspect. In many instances it can help to have 4 hands rather then 2 and every one of your coworkers has similar goals in…show more content…
Originally she was in pediatrics which reflected her need to be a mother and work with babies. She had a caregiver quality that was yearning to be fulfilled. Her children are adults now but the love of a child will always change your perspective. Once she became a mom she had a better understanding of the parents anxiety. Her son, Jonah was born with a heart condition. She changed her whole approach. She was teaching another mom how to get her child to eat food and it took an hour to feed her. She recommended for her to do it once a day when you are relaxed and can devote your time to your child without being overwhelmed. She was able to recognize the many responsibilities of parents when she become a mom. It is always hard to be a working mom. Nothing ever goes as scheduled. Once one person is sick so is everybody else. You're still expected to go to work and limited sick days and time lines are very restricted. Your patient is relying on you and so is your place of work. It affects a whole chain if she is out. It puts pressure on her coworkers and the hospital. You can go into work exhausted and can be frustrated with coworkers. She believes that being a single mom creates even more pressure. She will always encourage her patients to give therapy a chance and not let fear stop them. She would tell any parent whose child is not developing to get another opinion from a medical professional. It is important to pursue
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