The Importance Of Independence In School

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Preamble I want to declare my independence from public school. I want to declare independence from public school because of the work, the stress, and the craziness of school . Stress can drive a person crazy. Declaration of natural rights Rights violated by school. The first right violated by school is the first Amendment, when students start to talk about mental health, everyone changes the subject, nobody talks about mental health. The second right violated by school is equality, students who have a mental disorder are treated differently by teachers and students . Lists of grievances Schools require homework. Homework is work you have to do at home. When I am at home, all I want to do is sleep and be with my family. Large crowds because large crowds are one thing associated with school. Nobody likes large crowds, they are so chaotic and crazy. In large crowds, anything can happen. People can start fights, people can steal stuff, people can bully in large crowds. The craziness of school because we go to school 5 days a week, we have two days off, and then we go back for 5 days. We get breaks, but we need them more, because too much school can drive someone crazy. We repeat that from cycle the time we are 5 to the time we are 18. Why do we have to go from the time we are 5 to the time we are 18. Yes, I know we need to educate, but why are we going to school 5 days a week with only a 2 day break. We go to school 180 days a year, we go half a year.
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