The Importance Of Indian Culture

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The one question I get asked most in my everyday life is “How do I know what I know about Indian culture and traditions?” Growing up in a traditional and conservative household that placed education and knowledge seeking about everything else it was only natural that I learnt a lot about it. Let me assure you folks that I am not a Culture Nazi and I dislike lecturing people about traditions, for what is tradition today was a practice that was started by somebody because it made sense to them at a particular point in time. It might have even contradicted what they were following before that. By when asked, I like talking about it and educating people. Why? My learned family inspired me to read and learn all about my roots which in turn made me curious to discover traditions and practices of people from around the world. It made me more open, broad-minded and attuned to accepting multiple points of view which I believe has made me a better teacher today.
So you might ask what does culture or traditions have to do with jewellery? Jewellery has always been an intrinsic aspect of culture. How a man, woman or child of a particular region, religion, status, race or sect is supposed to behave has always been governed by how they looked and Jewellery plays
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When I created my Chithiram collection for show on the Travel and living channel on TV in 2012, I had no idea that it would spark such a strong trend of wearing picture jewellery (with prints or minis of paintings of various traditional schools of art) in India and that it would inspire the wearer to use jewellery as tool of storytelling and in the process education. My 2014 collections Chitra katha (inspired by the visual narrative of storytelling in India) and my Ragamala (an ode to Hindustani music specifically the ragamala) were created specifically for this
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