Essay About Indigenous Culture

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I often take for granted that others know what I am talking about when there is communication with others who are from a separate or different culture to my own. But how could you be sure that our meanings and instructions are understood and easily followed? As a child I grew up developing the simple traits of culture (culture of the Philippines) through the most common environment of home, parents and family. But it was later on as I moved on to my adolescent years where I discovered a broader range of various perspectives towards culture. The culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is one of them and is an interesting but also a profound topic that not everyone seeks out to. My knowledge towards this topic embarked mostly…show more content…
Personally, my views towards the Indigenous is mostly positive and reasonable. They have a very interesting culture and a lifestyle that develops thought-provoking questions in society, mainly from those who are intrigued with their actions. What drew my interest towards the Indigenous was their respect and dedication to themselves and their culture. How they developed various ways to express themselves and come together such as Storying, Yarning Circles and the Dreamtime. To me these were ways to connect and bond with one another, to understand a person and their individuality without judgement. The point where they developed a process for people or a person to comfortably express themselves and especially their love for their beloved country and places that they would regard as home. It is sad to see the Indigenous have disadvantages that occur due to the destruction of Indigenous economies like of America, Canada and Australia which then leads
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