The Importance Of Indigenous Knowledge And Modern Education

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On the above table from number 13 to 20 is suggested by the curch schoar, according to them this knowledge are found in the church education and so it is important if it integrated with the current school curriculum. How to integrate indigenous knowledge and Modern Education
The incorporation of indigenous knowledge permits the construction of knowledge and social relations that were overlooked and marginalized by western dominated knowledge and allows knowledge production that give space for indigenous knowledge. This requires strategies’ of incorporating indigenous knowledge into current curriculum. In Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Education and Training Policy EETP (1994:12-13) stated about curriculum development has to “Ensure that the curriculum developed and textbooks prepared at central and regional levels, are based on sound pedagogical and psychological principles and are up to international standard, giving due attention to concrete local conditions and gender issues” and above all it stated with regard to the integration of indigenous knowledge into curriculum EETP(1994:26) sub article 3.6.1 stated “Traditional education will be improved and developed by being integrated with modern education”. The question is how to integrate both knowledge’s into curriculum. Thus, according to my respondent in order to incorporate indigenous knowledge “We should first understand the constraints/limitations of existing curricula. One pertinent strategy is to

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