The Importance Of Indigenous People

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Indigenous peoples have rich cultures, languages, and civilizations, all of which have been developing for centuries, yet in the United States they are subjected to poverty on the very sacred land their ancestors had created this unique life for generations to come. They should have the control over their own land and the culture that was created there. Indigenous groups have had cultural ties to their lands since their first ancestors lived there. Due to their extensive knowledge of the land, they can help out the non-natives with restoring biodiversity to the world. Their lands are rich with natural resources, but companies are extracting them without giving pay to the people from whose land they are profiting. The federal government has no business deciding what happens to indigenous lands. Only indigenous peoples can decide that. Indigenous peoples should have full control and rights over their lands and the cultures from which they developed over generations. Indigenous peoples have had long histories of rich cultures long before their lands were colonized and resources stolen, so it is unjust that they are still facing these issues today. For centuries, indigenous peoples have had to conform to more “American” values. They have had to dress, speak, and behave in a certain way, forced to reject their culture and history. Even today, they are not encouraged to be prideful in their cultures (Anderson). With the decline in the earth’s biodiversity today, the indigenous
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