The Importance Of Individual Life

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The Family course has truly been eye opening, helping me learn the many different aspects of individuals and family relationships, and the society we live in. I have learned to be more open-minded, less critical, and less judging. People must live their lives, and be able to express themselves, however they see fit, to maintain their individuality, and happiness. The many different activities of humans can affect their lives, and also influence their society. What is right for one person, may not be right for the next individual. In life, I feel like as long as we are happy and healthy, that’s what matters the most. We don’t have to please others, as long as no one is being harmed, everyone has a choice to live they life they choose. Many of the influences start from the day of birth, and continue to develop as the individual ages. The biggest influence on an individual life, starts right at home with their family. As a health care worker, I must not judge, I am here to help individuals to grow and succeed in life.…show more content…
If one is dealing with problems or unhappiness, they must try to break the pattern, in order to change their lives, for the better. We must learn how to interact with others living around us to be successful in life. When we have an understanding of individual’s background, it becomes much easier to provide them with the help they may need. Also, by understanding ones background, it’s easier to build an open, positive
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