Thomas Hobbes: The Role Of Individualism In Modern Society

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One could say that the whole world is primarily based on individualistic ideas. A human is an individual first, which means that his logic, feelings, emotions and thoughts will always surpass the societal constrains and traditions. Even though, most often than not, we catch ourselves following a certain social contract, the result of our behavior and life choices will most likely be autonomous and viewed from a personal point of view. But since Thomas Hobbes has already discussed the construct of societal order principles in the 16th century, it is more relevant to think about individualism in our modern day society. As the World (or even the universe) has become accessible with the click of a button, there aren’t many surprises left, challenges…show more content…
For this reason, the reframe of individuality is collectivism. It is worth mentioning, that this term is not entirely accurate, since most of the time is it being used to describe political standpoints, on the other hand it is the closes term that describes a certain togetherness which helps people to overcome individual challenges. Therefore, in contrast to individualism, collectivism is a more comfortable choice in a modern society.
You can plan your time accordingly
Collectivism as a concept of being able and willing to cooperate, and follow other people, has an advantage of time management. The main feature of an individual is that in most cases is his time spent is not accountable to anyone. But in a collective, time management is bound to the outcome of the collectivist activity. One could say that this factor establishes certain ties within the society members. However, time management does not necessarily have to mean strict discipline. It can also mean that collectivism can provide the individuals with more spare time as the tasks are being shared and
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