Individualism In Present Day Society

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Individualism, a controversial topic in present-day society has been an issue regarding how one should be able to express oneself. Jacobus expresses that individualizing oneself is a selfish pursuit and by maintaining mind and spirit, it 'll keep society on a balanced track. While individualism is important to each person, it is claimed by Jacobus that it is problematic for society. Today in the twenty-first century, society has taken a toll on conformity where many stand up for what they believe in, but to some people, this action of publicly individualizing one 's thoughts is a selfish one. Individualism creates hope among the various conflicting pressures faced in present-day society, because if everyone followed the socially accepted…show more content…
This leads to why individualism can be viewed as a selfish pursuit. Individualism can be seen as a detrimental factory to our society since it could possibly lead to egotism. In cases such as the rules of Hitler and Stalin, individualism was used in a negative manner, but what put an end to their ruling was the thought of an individual. In relation to America, Woodrow Wilson says, "America is not anything if it consists of each of us. It is something only if it consists of all of us." The value of teamwork is essential in making a difference in our society, but the ideas that fuel the determination of the teamwork came from one individual. Changing society to be more suitable for everyone as a whole would not be evident if people did not stand up for their individual rights. It is essential for there to be individualism in our society because it ultimately ensures that there are people who are working for our society to be better. Individualism has been evident in our society for an extensive amount of time, and it has characterized our union as we know it today. Although there are a variety of alternative meanings to how individualism can be defined, by being open to individualistic thoughts, establishing trust in our peers, and addressing any issues that may be a concern from these individualistic thoughts, it 'll allow our society to be more comfortable with one another and remember
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