The Importance Of Individualism In Society

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In order to establish an efficient heterogeneous community, each individual must possess the right to have a personal sense of identity. A community in which individuals each hold a different identity promotes individualism. In such communities, citizens have the opportunity to express their differentiating qualities and excel in areas different than one another. Promoting individual identity is vital in order to establish a diverse community. Essentially, diversity is a crucial aspect of every community because it ensures longevity and promotes strength and growth. The implication of individual identity in a community ensures a diversified population in which individuals enhance the durability of a community. David Brooks, a writer for the…show more content…
Instead, they may argue that collectivist societies are more efficient because of the homogenous mentality that is present. In Brave New World, all individuals were cloned and essentially programmed to do, think, and act in the same way as everybody else. The World State’s primary goal was to make everyone similar because they were certain that it would produce stability within the society. According to David Brooks, “collectivist societies tend to value harmony and duty.” On the contrary, “people in [individualist] societies tend to overvalue their own skills and overestimate their own importance.” These two justifications help prove that collectivist societies are more harmonious and in unison. Citizens who have a collectivist mentality are more prone to helping one another rather than isolating themselves and overestimating their skills. Those who are a part of a collectivist society share the same values and opinions; therefore, allowing them to to work compromisingly. Admittedly, those who possess an individualistic mindset are more likely to do as they desire without consulting anybody else. In a society, this can be extremely harmful because decisions should be made as a whole in order to ensure that every citizen is content with the issue at hand. Although there is some validity to this argument, every citizen should have the right to express and possess their individual identity. Those who have their own, unique, identities are able to express themselves and contribute their ideas and talents to their society. Without individualistic mentalities, there would be no uniqueness in any society; thus, making it repetitive and unamusing for individuals to live in. However, in a society where individualism is praised, there would be an endless amount of opportunities for all individuals. Every resider would

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