The Importance Of Individuality In Anthem By Ayn Rand

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Anthem is a novel that was written in 1937 by Ayn Rand, about a dystopian society that only believes in the word, “We”, and its only most exciting resource is a candle. To this society they have no clue what it means to be an individual because their leaders take away their individuality whether that is by, eliminating the way they allow their citizens to communicate with each other or even by not evolving the society from using candles to using lights. In this novel the protagonist, Prometheus is a rare citizen because he has a sense of individuality and he is able to realize heta his community is doing is not right. As the novel goes on the reader is able to see that Prometheus becomes an individual as he falls in love for a girl, Gaea that he met while working. This girl helped Prometheus become an individual because believed in his creation and that belief pushed Prometheus to show his invention to the world council. Even though Prometheus’s gift ended in him being lashed for creating it, but those lashes helped him to discover that he could escape his society to become an individual. Once Prometheus was able to escape with Gaea into the uncharted forest they were both able to discover what individuality means to them. Prometheus and Gaea knew for themselves that they were individuals once they found their own house and started their lives together as the family that they wish to become.
In Anthem, Ayn Rand, expresses that individuality is something that is taken for
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