The Importance Of Individuality In Society

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Most of us know the saying, “you can’t please everybody,” but isn’t that what a utopia is? A utopia is a society or way of life that satisfies every citizen within a society: no suffering, no conflict, no disorder, etc. However, the saying is right, there is no way to please absolutely everyone. People have conflicting opinion and disagreements are inevitable. In order to create a perceived utopia, one must take control of the society and satisfy the population, but it would be impossible to please all individuals, many of whom have different wants or needs. There are a plethora of identities and demographics; addressing all of them would impossible. As a result, they dehumanize the populous. They remove their personalities, agency, and emotional capability in order to achieve a utopia. In this sense, it is necessary to reduce a person or group (dehumanize) to create a perceived utopia; by doing so, one creates a dystopia. Individuality is detrimental to a utopia; everyone must be the same and equal to keep the utopia. In “Harrison Bergeron,” everyone is brought down to the bare minimum of human ability, in the pursuit of equality. By removing the traits that make a person different or give them “advantages,” one must dehumanize them. Each of these individuals are stripped of what make them different from others. This can be seen when describing Harrison, “Instead of a little ear radio for a mental handicap, he wore a tremendous pair of earphones, and spectacles with
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