The Importance Of Inequality In Society

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1. In society, we all are some facet. We all have been socialized to fit into a role or position. We are all labeled and stereotyped by our position in society. Inequality is a part of our society and it is said to be seen as essential and inevitable. We see inequality in where we are placed in society and the importance of placement. Social structure defines our society and we are arranged into institutions and put into positions. Social structure is the arrangement of institutions in which humans interact and fall into various positions within groups. The positions and roles are the behaviors expected from a particularly status. They vary widely across societies and over time. We are socialized into these roles because society requires social positions. Some positions are more important to the function of society. We see these important positions as doctors, engineers, lawyers, president, etc. There are certain requirements for occupying positions and those who occupy it. Only a limited number of people have the training/skill/interest in these positions. For training in these positions, it requires sacrifice. Rewards are used to induce people to these positions and these rewards include money, status and value. I come from a low-socioeconomic background and I am a woman of color. Through society, it should be hard for social mobility and to be put into a position that is deemed more important that others and requires a lot of training and skills. Yet, I grew up in a

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