The Importance Of Inethical Communication Group: Econet Wireless Group

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In my opinion a multinational telecommunications company called Econet Wireless Group has demonstrated and understanding of the importance of ethical behavior. This company was founded in 1993 in Zimbabwe (a country located in Southern Africa). The company has expanded to South Africa; Burundi; Botswana; Mauritius; Lesotho; Nigeria; Central African Republic; Zambia; Uganda; Kenya; United Kingdom; New Zealand; Bolivia; Dominican Republic; and has a subsidiary company in the United States of America called Trilogy Capital Partners. 2. Who are the stakeholders in this company? The stakeholders of this company are its shareholders; subsidiary companies; employees; various governments; and communities within which it operates. 3. What positive ethical behavior does the company demonstrate? Its key positioning elements are: “inspired”; “change”; “your”; and “world” according to Econet on its website: It has demonstrated the by-products of its inspiration being the following communication services: broadband; eTXT; SIM Registration; Airtime Transfer; Buddie Zone; Call Home; Call Me Back; MMS; Messaging; Missed Call Alert; Voicemail; Coverage Maps; and Tariffs as listed on its website: Pursuant to its element of “change” it has, for instance, a registered Trust called Capernaum Trust Zimbabwe to assist the disadvantaged. See the website of Capernaum Trust on

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