Why Is Infection Control Important

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Infection control is one of the most important and basic aspect of a nurse role, as well as the responsibility of all healthcare providers. The prevention of all infection is a major goal within all healthcare settings, and responsibility of all professionals’ health care providers to ensure this is achieved. As a Nurse, you must confident enough and knowledgeable to deliver an effective infection control practices, and you must adhere to the safety rules to eradicate the transmission of pathogens or infectious diseases from both patients and health personnel. In all healthcare settings, infection control is a continuous concern for its professionals. For example; in hospital settings, the nurse have to contact patients routinely and be exposed to their blood, urine, saliva, mucus, stool, secretions, excess moisture, dental plaque, wound, equipment use during surgery, and pus that may contain infectious pathogens. It is important for the professionals to
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Most clinical areas, the major hazards are the microorganism that leads to infection e.g. blood borne viruses which can cause communicable disease to the patient. Especially in dentistry, they are involved and exposed in diagnosis and treatment of diseases and condition of oral cavity in which direct contact in oral mucosa is higher. Initially in this case will offer a potential transmission of infection from one person to another person, but by the essence of cross infection control can prevent these transmissions. Under any certain circumstances, it is important to note by all health care providers that all microorganisms including normal flora can cause infections or diseases, by continuous exposures it requires significant effort to minimize occupationally acquired
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