The Importance Of Information And Communication Technology

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INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY STUDENT LE BAO HUNG CLASS: ICT K59 ID NUMBER: 20142147 Nowadays, we are living in a new era, the era of amazing Information and communication technology development. It has developed a high step that is digitizing all information data, strong rotation and connect us all together. Information and community technology has separated into five areas: - Software engineering - Information system - Computer science - Computer engineering - Data communication and computer network A. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING In recent years, Vietnam was known as one of the countries producing and leading outsourcing in Asia. This also led to a huge demand for professional software engineers. From now to 2020, Vietnam needs a million Information and community technology workers, including software engineering industry has the highest human needs. We can say that software engineering is one of the most important of information and community technology Software engineering is the science of the design, application, operation and development of different types of software. It is the basic sciences of the information and community technology industry. All disciplines of software engineering research focuses three main subjects of software engineering with the purpose, how to develop software quality assurance as well as the fastest and cheap one. Therefore, software
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