The Importance Of Information And Communication Technology In The Classroom

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Technology has revolutionized all aspects of life and education is not out of this. Teaching and learning English has confronted changes in strategies as well as techniques due to this advance. It is a globally recognized fact that twenty first century students are digital individuals whose concept of learning is a combination of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), multimedia, interaction, practicality, discovery and pleasure .Therefore, it is central to introduce in the classroom not only blackboards as visual resource, but also other audio-visual aids as videos to obtain meaningful and enjoyable learning.In fact, with the use of them ,it has become easier for teachers to transmit knowledge and for learners to acquire it. Videos of all sorts have the capacity to act as a supplementary tool for students to develop their language skills as well as to comprehend the content deeply Authentic videos such as movies, songs and documentaries are valuable source to assure learners centeredness; autonomy, interaction and connectivity to a particular subject.Besides, video clips may serve as a motivational technique for learners in and outside the classroom to gain responsibility and directness towards their learning. The fundamental aim of this chapter spotlight on the importance of authentic videos, and how it can be a very effective strategy in a foreign language teaching and learning. First ,I introduce some background about the concept ICT(information and
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