The Importance Of Information Communication Technology

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We are living in a constantly evolving digital world. The digital age has transformed the young people to communicate network computers, seek help, access information and learn. This is the reason, why the multimedia has been called “Second Home of the Students” by many netizens. It is widely recognize that the students are motivated and purposely engaged in the learning process, when concepts and skills are underpinned with technology. We must recognize that young people nowadays are now in their online mode, an online population of this modern world. The access can be through a variety of means such as computers, TV and mobile phones.
As technology becomes embedded in our culture, we must provide learners with applicable and cotemporary experiences that allow them to successfully engage with technology and prepare them for life after school. Thus, Information Communication Technology has been created. It is a field that helps you to have a student-centered learning. ICT is considered a strong agent for the change among many educational practices. The role of ICT in education is becoming more important and this importance will continue to grow and develop in the 21st century or in the succeeding century.
According to Sarkar (2012), ICT defines, Information and Communication Technologies consist of the hardware, software, networks, and media for collection, storage, processing, transmission and presentation of information (voice, data, text, images), as well as related

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