Information Management: A Case Study

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Information management is a process of gathering and managing of data/information from one or more sources and the conveyance of that data/information to one or more users. Many broad enterprises have a focal information management purpose to empower this process. Information management is a consistent arrangement of six firmly associated exercises, to be specific: identification of data needed, acquisition and conception of that data, analysis and clarification of information, organization and storage of information, information confirmation and distribution and to wrap things up information utilization.
An organization needs to maintain a strong core of information to run the business (Chassell and Smith 2013: 5). Information is essential
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Research is the focal point of most information management functions and this is what connects it to other business functions, as we have already seen that information is needed in every department of the organisation, no matter how small or large that department is within the organisation. Usually information is what gives most organisations a competitive advantage of other organisations, this information started as an idea that has gone through the stages of the bibliographic chain. Let us have a look at the interaction of information with the marketing function.
One of the key objectives of a marketing department happens to include determining the market share size for a product or service that an organisation offers. This can only be done through research (with the use of a bibliographic chain) which has to be precise, timely and relevant
Information is an essential need to an organisation, and those that are quick to retrieve this information will have the competitive advantage over others. With the use of the bibliographic chain proper research can be conducted which would lead to useful information, this useful information may be vital to the success of the organisation. Hence the bibliographic chain will help make an organisation effective and efficient in it crucial business activities. Companies need distinct information to achieve a competitive
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The bibliographic shackle comprises of grouped specialists that manage with one to collect the right sort of data at the correct time. These agents are: data proceeding from individual resources, data proceeding from set up (established) resources, work in progress reports, unpublished studies, periodicals, reports and monographs, indexing and abstracting services, bibliographic list and essays, annual reviews and surveys and state-of-the-art report, books and at the end is the encyclopaedic summaries. These steps can be managed in
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