The Importance Of Information Needs

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In the world today, the need for information is felt at all levels of the society, regardless of an individual’s location, social condition or academic achievement. Therefore knowledge about the information seeking behaviour of farmers is crucial to effectively satisfy their information needs and improve agricultural production. To satisfy such needs and requirements, users adopt many ways and means of accessing and searching information sources. Unless the needs are precisely determined, it is difficult to satisfy their requirements and develop an appropriate information system (Barbariya, Patel, & Gohel, 2014).
Identifying behavioural patterns is not easy because human beings are not homogenous and can choose numerous ways of satisfying an information need. Various studies over the years have sought to understand the information seeking habits of various user groups. According to Wilson (2000), information seeking is a term describing the way individuals seek, evaluate, select and use information. Information seeking behaviour is the purposive seeking for information as a consequence of a need to satisfy some goal. In the course of seeking information, the individual may interact with manual or computer based systems. Case (2012), describes information seeking behavior as the actions individuals take when they recognize that their knowledge is inadequate to satisfy their goals. According to Chowdhury (1999), Information seeking behavior is the pattern of using information

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