The Importance Of Information Technology And Communication Skills

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In the world where information is abundant and an era where people can search for everything online. Information obtained from a single media may not be enough, especially when technology and communication advance they change the style of work skills that is "Perennial" which was formed in the past and created new "Contextual" skills needed for 21st century e.g. teamwork, communication, filtering information, thinking, and information technologies skills. Those are necessary for this century. Specifically, it is a learning tool which is not limited to the classroom, so information technology and communication skills are essential for all-digital learning. (Thanyawich Vicheanpant. 2014: 4-5) Once the people skills of the 21st century have been changed in order to match the world and modern society, building people also need to be done with such skills. Nevertheless, the current learning process seems important yet insufficient to live in a 21st century world. Therefore, the teaching style of teachers needs to be changed. Teachers’ role is to guide and create activities that go accordingly with the education form and innovation to subdivide according to the characteristics of the students. The teacher is even more important and the need to enhance their study becomes higher (Worapoj Wongkitrungruang. 2015: 1) However, the current model of learning management in Thailand is not yet the correct answer for 21st century social problems. The concrete examples of such results in

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