21st Century: A Short Summary And Analysis

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In the world where information is abundant and an era where people can search for everything online. Information obtained from a single media may not be enough, especially when technology and communication advance they change the style of work skills that is "Perennial" which was formed in the past and created new "Contextual" skills needed for 21st century e.g. teamwork, communication, filtering information, thinking, and information technologies skills. Those are necessary for this century. Specifically, it is a learning tool which is not limited to the classroom, so information technology and communication skills are essential for all-digital learning. (Thanyawich Vicheanpant. 2014: 4-5) Once the people skills of the 21st century have been changed in order to match the world and modern society, building people also…show more content…
These result scores and ranks from institutions mentioned above reflects the worrisome situation of the quality of education in the country. They reflect on the current teaching and learning which isn’t conducive to students ' self-improvement or empowerment for 21st century skills. Constructionism is a learning theory which most appropriate for learning and instructing management in the current time as Seymour Papert (1991) stated that the new era will be an era where changes are rapid. Therefore, the learning ability is one of the most important aspects of education. The ability to learn new things and master them quickly will consider to be an advantage. In the past, many schools expected their graduates to know how to apply the knowledge being taught into the world of work but in the modern world, we need people who know what to do when encountering what they do not know and have never been taught before. The Constructionism focuses on

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