The Importance Of Information Technology

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Technology is inescapable in modern day life, turn on the coffee pot and there are tiny microprocessors inside. Start your automobile and every aspect of operation is controlled by dozens of computer control modules. The newest smart phones have amazing power and speed for the user. The purpose of this essay is to expound on three areas of information technology. First a brief overview of my personal experience using technology during my military career, how things evolved, improved over the decades. Next up, technology and its phenomenal use in devices we utilize every day. Lastly the fascinating study of how and why people dislike change. Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, nowhere is this more apparent than our places of employment. Management must understand the underlying reasons that workers resist change, this knowledge is transformational, enabling a smoother roll out of what’s coming. This will produce happier employees that are more productive. Exploring this intriguing subject, we can come away with a clearer understanding of information technology (Bethel University, 2017). Military Information Systems During the course of my military career I saw vast changes in technology related to communications. Early on the systems were primarily hardwired to provide maximum security of the transmitted data, the equipment was based on analog telecommunications whereas analog has been replaced by digital it still had properties that were advantageous.

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