The Importance Of Information Technology In Education

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We are in the age where information technology is being used extensively to store, record and disseminate information in the digital form. In order to meet the growing demands of the new generation, a major step has been taken by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India by launching the National Electronic Library (NEL) and the project named ‘Swayam’ (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) which will cater to the needs of students, teachers and researchers.
Now that the books can be accessed by every citizen of the country including the students and teachers in schools and universities by a variety of devices like laptops, smart phones, tablets etc, it is a step forward towards achieving the target of zero illiteracy apart from improving the quality higher education.

National Electronic Library is device independent and can be accessed by everyone without restrictions. However, few resources will be especially subscribed to students, researchers and faculty of colleges. Under the NEL, resources of the National Repository of Open Education Resources (NROER) in the form of articles, photographs, charts, multimedia, video, audio clips, concept maps, learning objects, talking books, diagrams etc will also be made available. NROER was launched in 2013 that brings together digital resources in multiple languages for schools for all classes and subjects.

Through the online portal ‘Swayam’ free and quality education for classes 9th to 12th will be

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