Essay On Health Information Technology And Health Care

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Technology is advancing with time. And as time has passed the world we live in has adjusted and adapted to the growing technology. In other word advancing with technology has become inevitable. What is critical is that in the midst of all this advancement we must remember the nature of our profession. We must keep in mind that our aim in improving health care is not only faster and easier but health care that is patient centred
Maag, (2006) found that it should be mandatory that future nurses must gain experiences that increase knowledge, teaching skills, and positive attitudes related to nursing informatics. because many students do not believe that they are receiving adequate formal education pertaining to information technology in health care, Based on the data colleted after a survey done , an online tutorial was developed to address the wide variety of information sources that students may need in clinical settings. It explained how to access health
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Health IT allows the health care team to more easily identify the unique needs individuals, and focus attention on the unmet needs. There is perhaps no more immediate opportunity to reduce health disparities than the Electronic Health Record. The reduction of disparities is one of the stated goals of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act While the implementation of the electronic record has resulted in significant improvements in patient safety, it is a supporting tool that requires an organizational culture of safety and an awareness of the new generation of errors that are emerging. Screen design, data entry errors, and changes are new and different events that will require analysis and new solutions. Schroeder

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