The Importance Of Information Technology

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Information technology (IT) as an essential too (Oliveira & Martins, 2011) and saving money, effort and time (Punj, 2012). Technology is an important factor that a transformation the resources. At moment it is possible to see more technologies are transitioning from the workplace to the home (Brown & Venkatesh, 2006). Evolution of the internet and of technological had a big impact on human life and in all industries (Cobanoglu et al, 2015), such as finance industry. Financial technology is important innovations and is evolving quickly, driven in part by the favorable regulation, and by acceptance of the electronic communication technologies and internet (e-finance) in the early 1990s (Lee, 2016) for instance ATM, home banking, mobile financial services (MFS), mobile banking (m-banking), which it is possible to transfer money directly from account to account and sourcing funds for m-payments (Liao et al, 1999; Slade & et al, 2014). Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) can only be used for those who have access to them being a concern with digital divide (Punj, 2012). Fortunately, exists in many countries structures and social politics to reduce social differences, in 2016 the European households had 85 % access to the internet from home (Eurostat, 2017). On the other hand, some individual demonstrates a lack of concern to adopt and use the internet, because it is not considered an essential good (Punj, 2012). This paper intends to develop an acceptance study

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