The Pros And Cons Of Using Personal Computers

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We live in a rapidly changing information society. The need for more and better information will only continue to grow. Technology make an application that create new methods to solve problems, perform tasks, and manage communication. It is the use of computers and software to manage information. Information technology plays a major role in the 21st century world. Nowadays, they have become irreplaceable not only to businesses but to common people as well.
Computers is a way for people to share information. However, they may also allow people to access information and sometimes illegally. In my opinion, the most dangerous and the worst habit of using personal computers is lack of knowledge of security. Some people do not understand the fact
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People should remember to do regular things as: keep desktop and hard drive free of clutter, know what maintenance your computer needs, back up computer, lock your computer when you are not using it, adjust your security settings, check for security patches and software updates. As an Internet user they should audit privacy settings on social networks, avoid getting malware and spreading it to others, stay safe on public Wi-Fi, disconnect from the Internet, change passwords. The last one is very common problem today, because not all of us think it is important. Nevertheless, it still play a central role on system security, because it is easiest mechanism to defeat. The global leader in cybersecurity – Symantec, reported Windows password myths. They are all about length of password, complexity, time to change the password, etc. The biggest myth is that there are fixed rules to form a password policy that protects the best. A good password is one that is easy to remember, but difficult to guess. It should be long, consists of numbers, letters, symbols. A system will block outsiders without valid passwords from entering the system by inclusion software known as a…show more content…
Nowadays, in global industry, it is slightly possible to do the business without the use of informational technology. Mostly every business activity is performed very quickly and efficiently by using computers. The using of computers also reduce the administrative paperwork. Websites are usually used in business to sell products and contact customers. Computers are very helpful in teaching and research. The different kinds of problems can be solved quickly and efficiently by using computers. Students can also find and analyze different information on the Internet. Computers are extensively used in bank systems. They are used in banks for record keeping accounts of customers. Almost every area of the medical field uses computers. Usually computers are used for maintaining patient history and other records, for patient monitoring and diagnosis of diseases
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