The Importance Of Informed Consent

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Throughout the years, medical achievements have yielded the field of science significantly. An enhancement of medical equipment, staff, and laws have been established to improve the conditions of the workplace. One of the most essential requirements as a medical provider is to propose proper informed consent. Informed consent is a process in which a doctor obtains permission from the patient before conducting a health care intervention in any case as well as an explanation of the risks and benefits. This is often times overlooked as an important issue, but is required in any health care setting. Therefore, society as a whole, including doctors and laws, has not gone far enough in terms of providing adequate consent. Health care providers have one of the most involved, important jobs. Saving lives as well as improving living conditions is a crucial role in the health field. However, one thing many people overlook is obtaining proper informed consent. A well-made informed consent form clearly outlines the service or treatment to be performed, as well as the risks and benefits involved. The language should be clear and easy to understand (Informed Consent 1). It is immoral for a doctor to be improper or unclear when giving informed consent. Most patients do not have the knowledge to fully interpret and understand what is being elaborated. Consequently, it is essential for the provider to break down the high level vocabulary in layman’s terms for the patient to know what is
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