The Importance Of Injustice In Schools And Education

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Injustice in schools and education is no secret, many people disagree with the system and the way schools teach. Children get taught mainly about what is going to be on their test and they are not being taught real-world, life lessons that will go on in their daily life. It is unjust to teach children for what is going to be on their test and not useful information that they will use in the real world. Teaching should be based on life lessons such as learning how to apply for a job, which you could learn in english class, and other things like that. For example, one reason that schools teaching for tests is unjust is because at the end of every school year the state of Texas assigns students tests such as the STAAR test and EOC exams to “test the students’ knowledge”. Why does the state of Texas assign a test that “tests the students’ knowledge” but they make it carry such a heavy burden on the students? Students study all year and learn all year about the test and what will be on their test and not about things such as discipline which should be a well taught thing though out all twelve years of school. Schools have classes that you could take for every day stuff but you still get taught for the EOC that you have to take at the end of that course as well. Fitting things in such as discipline in the classroom could be something that schools fit in the curriculum. Another example of injustice in schools and education is teachers assigning students homework every day.
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