The Importance Of Innate Knowledge

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Is it true that we can know something through experiences? What does knowledge really mean? Is knowledge truly necessary? In general, knowledge result from the interpreted and understood information from the group of data and may acquire through experience and own interpretation. According to Andre Boundreau, “Things that are held to be true in a given context that drive us to action if there were no impediment”. Albert Einstein believed that, “The only source of Knowledge is experience”. Knowledge means knowing someone or something from facts and could be obtained through experience or education. Knowledge is the familiarity gained by sight, experience, or report. According to Merriam Webster, “Knowledge sums up what we know that comprise truth and information. It is also a principle acquired by humankind, which is a branch of learning.” But what if there are no experiences or education, do knowledge still exist? Is there innate knowledge? Plato, a famous philosopher in Greece and the founder of Academy in Athens, was known because of his philosophy especially the western tradition. Many people believed that his works has existed for over 2,400 years. His famous theory is the existence of innate knowledge. According to him, innate knowledge exists in our minds even at birth. They are buried in the depth of our soul. The things we have learned are not through experience, but from what is presented in our minds. Plato believed that existence was divided into two which is
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