The Importance Of Innovation In China

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Why innovation is important for company? It is because through innovation company can achieve competitive advantage, by innovation in technologies or new ways of doing things. Michael Porter (1990, p75) and also it allows the company to redefine the market place of their favour Rothaermel, F.T and A.Hess ( 2010,pp12-15) , simultaneously create value and fending off competitors’ imitation attempts. Ultimately bring the company to above-average and outstand its peers. Innovation is imperative for economic growth, despite the primary actor for innovation is the firm, leadership is also an important actor. Leadership influence the innovation process E.W. Kang (2014) from search, select, implement to capture value.China is one of the proactive…show more content…
Joe Tidd and John Bessant (2013,p110) With the development of Huawei , the company become bigger and bigger , consist of around180,000 employees around the world and 36 joint innovation centres , 15 research centres added to the innovation process This fast pace expanding bring communication issues , at such , new ideas of innovation passing from country to country , department to department become difficult . As a Chinese multinational hi-tech company, Huawei needs to adapt itself to different local cultural and embed its innovation by nature character, embrace openness, competition and collaboration complement each other. Bringing excellent innovative individual to work together to contribute to the company, minimise employee’s resistance to change and how to manage employees from diverse cultures are another challenge that Huawei is…show more content…
Except for company cultural building, Huawei carried out several structure adjustments as well. Hay Group has been checking Huawei’s improvement in human resources since 1998, to find out the problems in order to provide best possible solution .Because of all theses efforts in human resources management , Huawei build a successful sales team following its talented leader , bringing unforgettable success .In consideration that Huawei is a Chinese multinational company operates in the global market , I recommend Huawei to practise cross-cultural coordination ,promote outstanding excellent host country employees . In addition , unified the staff’s understanding from different culture background by utilizing the company goal and corporate culture to solve possible cultural conflicts between its employees , ultimately , each of its employees are in line with Huawei’s vision “to enrich life through communication” and mission “to focus on customers’ desire and needs by providing competitive communications network solutions and services so as to consistently create maximum value for customers” , ultimately ,enabling and supporting sustaining innovation continuedly

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