The Importance Of Innovation In Education

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Answer the following questions. Support your answer on Carless (2013) and Coombe and Sheetz (2015). 1. Why are innovation and research important for ELT? Innovation and research are important for ELT for a number of different reasons, notwithstanding, we might point at the fact that both terms bring with them the idea of improvement as well as that of making education more effective. On the one hand, innovation is important in the sense that it may help schools to keep up-to-date with the latest developments or research findings, and can also be a force to encourage educational equity and fairer opportunities for diverse sections of society, as stated in Carless (2013). On the other hand, the research teachers do is outstanding, for it contributes to an overall increase in the level of scholarship for the teacher’s pupils, or in other words, it increases the chances of interpreting the meaning and value of source material and moulding it into a form which is personally useful to a particular scholar. Besides, as stated in Coombe and Sheetz (2015), teacher research is a valuable form of professional (it increases feelings of self-efficacy and positive interactions with students) and personal growth, and it allows them to become better at what they do and find their voice. Moreover, research helps teachers to become more flexible and open to new ideas, and it narrows the gap between teacher’s aspirations and realizations. In addition, teacher inquiry heightens the
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