The Importance Of Innovation In Education

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In the 21st century, innovation plays an important part in the education system, especially in higher education. Without it, we would not have seen changes like we see today. If we were to go back a hundred years, everything will look very different. These days, technologies are more advanced, majors and learning materials increase, and communication methods are more modern. But one thing will probably seem familiar; the professor standing at the front, talking to a room full of silent students who stare at him and take notes. Education today is still based on this learning method. Therefore, innovation in the learning method is required to provide a better quality in higher education.
Based on the circumstances above, one question popped up. If everything is different, then why is not the classroom? Educators at the K-12 level have recognized this. Hence, they are trying different innovative things to change the way we think about education. This change also affects higher education, which is why several universities started to offer online courses as a solution.
According to Sara Beckman, a senior lecturer at UC Berkeley 's Haas School of Business, being innovative is not simply by having online courses for students to learn. Basically, what she is trying to address here is that; although technology is a big impact towards innovation, it does not change the way people learn. Many schools turn to technology alone to innovate, and that is where they are wrong. What is
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