The Importance Of Inquiry

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Albert Einstein once said, "If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first fifty-five minutes determining the proper questions to ask." Einstein is a theoretical physicist but later he was also considered as a philosopher as his theories answered the many questions that were totally used to be received and taken as irrational. Questions are created and existed innately. It is literally when the mind feels itchy out of curiosity or when you see something that highly provokes your inquisitiveness and interest to know its core. We were born plain. Without questioning, we wouldn't have filled the blank pages of our lives, consequently wouldn't have shaped our mindsets. As a matter of fact, questioning is recognized…show more content…
It boosts the method of leading students to self-knowledge through aggressive questioning. John Dewey's modification of the educational system led to the first inquiry-based learning methods in the United States. Dewey supported child-centered learning based on "Realia" which is learning through life experiences and using tangible material and real life images to explain, analyze, and understand the material. According to Dewey, problems to be studied must be related, in a way or another, to students' experiences and within their intellectual capabilities. Students will never be able to understand any topic in any field without having proper inquiries; consequently they won't be able to answer their inquiries without experimenting real hints and realistic givens. In Dewey’s model, the student is enthusiastically concerned, and the teacher has a role of a facilitator and a catalyst. Dewey concentrated on the learning capacities of the students in order to boost their abilities to ask. To accomplish that, students must address problems they really want to know and apply it to the recognizable…show more content…
Piaget also considered inquiries within the play will highly enhance the children's cognitive skills and it helps them to construct knowledge and make sense of their world. According to Piaget, IBL is a process that connects the innate curiosity of human beings to drive learning through the formulation and examination of questions. As a matter of fact, forming a question is a skill by itself and it needs certain level of intelligence. Thus, Inquiry Based Learning helps students to become independent, self directed, and skilled

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