Causes Of Insecurity

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Though we live in a fast developing world, with all the advancements in science and technology, we still seem to be an insecure lot. ‘Insecure’ to the extent that, we are not sure of ourselves, and the people around us, and the world in which we live. The term ‘insecurity’ implies a lack of assurance, uncertainty and unprotectedness. It also means lacking confidence, and doubtful about their own abilities, and about whether other people really like them. Development of these feelings is usually accompanied by certain reactive feelings: feelings of shame, guilt, rejection, isolation, tension etc. perception of world and life as dangerous, human beings as bad etc. Leading to actions like putting up grievances, looking…show more content…
may serve as indicative signs of presence of insecurity feelings (Maslow, 1936). Some theorists argue that essentially all neurotic, destructive behaviors stem from feelings of unsecurity, and the attendant sense of anxiety. This sense of insecurity that arises from uncertainty, which most of us experience, has its repercussions, and affects all aspects of our life, and in all our interactions.

The word security and insecurity is intended as a label for this peculiar aspect of the wholeness that may be discerned in the multiciplity of particular symptom with which the concept is used with psychological flavor. William E. Blatz defined security as “a state of mind which is willing to accept the consequences of one’s behaviour” (Blatz, 1967). He considered that “all aspects of an individual’s behaviour in all areas of life can be interpreted in terms of security. Park (2007) gives several forms of practical security: financial, physical, social, interpersonal, & emotional. When the
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